How to get the best Besties experience!

4/19/20242 min read

black and white short coated dog
black and white short coated dog

At Besties we bathe and groom hundreds of dogs every month. The vast majority of our customers (humans and dogs) are happy with their visit. Every once in a while we have an owner that is unhappy. Since we strive to achieve 100% satisfaction, we always debrief with our staff after a customer complains about their pups visit. In every case it is due to a failure to communicate! Our staff are constantly working to clearly communicate with customers to make sure we understand exactly what the customer would like their put to look like after their Besties visit. We know it is our fault when we fail to understand a customers vision, but as a pet owner you can definitely help us be successful!

When a pup is checked in at Besties we have the groomer that will work with the dog talk with the owner. The purpose of this conversation is to make sure we know any physical or personality issues the pup has that will impact their visit and to make sure we know how the owner wants their pup to look. If you have strong feelings about how you want your pup to be groomed then we encourage you to do a little work before you bring your pup to Besties for the first time.

The absolute easiest way to make sure your pup leaves Besties looking exactly the way you want is to bring a picture of your dog with the cut you want. If you don't have one of your pup then you can also bring a picture of a similar looking dog that has the cut you want. You can even log into the Besties customer portal and upload a picture, so we always have it on file!

It is ok if you don't have a picture, but it might then be helpful to jot down some notes. The easiest way to make sure you convey the look you want is to describe how you want four distinct parts of your dog to look - the legs, tail, body and face. Focus primarily on the hair length you would like for each part of your pup. It is easy to show us, on your pup, how much length you would like removed from each area of their body.

Dog grooming terminology is the biggest reason owners don't get the cut they want. We know what puppy cut, teddy bear face, and standard breed cut mean, but sometimes what we think they mean isn't the same as what you think they mean! So please don't get frustrated with us when we ask you to clarify exactly what you're thinking when you use grooming terminology. Usually were on the same page, but when we're not things can get really awkward when you pick up your dog!

We absolutely want every customer to be thrilled with their pup's look after a Besties visit. If for any reason you're not satisfied with you pup's appearance then please let us know! Whether it's when you pick your dog up, or even after you've had them home a few days, let us know about any concerns you have with their appearance. If we can fix it, we will. We will also put notes in our system to make sure it doesn't happen on the next visit.